RAW is a non-invasive, gentle yet powerful, multi-dimensional energy modality which has been channelled by Pam Myers and Sally Worth in the form of lists, ancient tribal symbols, affirmations and balance processes.


Over our lifetime we gather energy blockages which manifest in us in ways like pain -physical, mental and emotional, fear, stress, confusion, childhood traumas, weight issues, feeling stuck in the same cycles, work issues, relationships etc. These are energies we live with each and every day, in ourselves, our homes, our cars, places of work, with our families, friends and work colleagues.


Imagine how easily we could live and enjoy our lives without these blockages holding us back.

During a balance stresses like fears, energetic programs and other relevant information are highlighted, named and corrected. At the end of the process the emotional charge of attachment to the stress is balanced, or neutralised, within the energy system around those issues. This neutrality promotes peace, freedom and wisdom within you allowing for different choices to be made to help move more easily through life and along your chosen path.


There are many types of RAW balances and in a session your energies choose which balance is appropriate.


Balances can be conducted either face to face, or remotely via phone or Skype, Zoom, Facetime etc.

Some of the balances available are:

Business balances


There are 2 ways to have a business balance, either an overall business balance which works on many layers at one time, or an advanced business balance which is run over 3 sessions. The advanced balance hones in on the different aspects of the business. The first balance is run on the issues, stresses, thoughts, and intentions of when the business first started. The second relates to the day to day running experiences and problems of the business and the third looks at the projection of where you would like the business to flow.

Energies as One


This balance is helpful in relieving friction between two or more people – husband/wife, mother/daughter, sisters, brothers, entire families, friends work colleagues etc. The balance neutralises the energetic and emotional charge around an issue/issues allowing everyone to be more relaxed and balanced and help to move on from the issue.

Car Balance


This balance clears negative emotions held in the car and can be especially helpful when selling or buying a car. Emotions such as road rage, fighting with the kids, kids fighting amongst themselves, and emotions connected to phone conversations had in the car are all held with the atmosphere of car. Each time we physically enter the car, we sit in these energies and when we leave the car, we take those emotions with us.

Personal Power Balance


Helps us to remain in our personal power so instead of being reactive to situations and people, we can respond to those same people and situations. This balance helps find out where and why we may be losing our power and why we react.

Overcoming Fears Balance


Fears are so normal in our lives. Phobias like snakes, open areas, self-doubt, fear of failure or losing, fear of the unknown to name a few.  Imagine the freedom we could feel and how life would be if these conscious, subconscious and genetic fears were removed from our systems.

Money Balance


We all need to work with the energy of money and many challenges around our beliefs, programs and fears hinder our abundance.  Issues such as self worth – I’m not good enough, “money is the root of all evil”, I have to work hard for what I have etc. Money is a physical form of energy and by balancing and clearing programs, beliefs and fears, a more continuous flow may emerge.

House and Land


This balance as with the car balance, the house or house and land balance is a fabulous way to energetically cleanse the house. We physically clean the house but rarely cleanse the energy that is held in that space. Imagine all the energies that are held in each room and the entire house and garden. Continual tensions with teenagers around subjects like cleaning up their room, arguments, sadness from loss of first love, stress around school work and exams, money stresses. All these energies stay within the house until they are corrected. The land also holds energies of others who may have lived there previously, when the house was built was the building in financial stress and hammering that energy into the house with each strike of a hammer. Imagine how peaceful your home could be after a balance.





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