Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a very gentle yet powerful, wholistic therapy where the practitioner energetically creates a safe therapeutic space and, in that space, supports the client’s body to work with its own natural way of repairing.


Our systems work as a whole, and this whole-body, respectful, non-doing very gentle therapy is ideally suited to support almost all ailments of the mind, body and spirit.  Because of the wholistic and gentle nature, BCST is also suitable for people of all ages from the developing baby in the womb to the elderly and for all conditions.

The ‘biodynamic’ aspect of BCST means that the session is ‘client lead,’ as the practitioner does not in any way manipulate the body, not even by thought. Instead the practitioner supports the body with reassurance, being present and being non-judgmental thereby creating an energetic space for the body to breathe and expand. This approach offers the body an opportunity to express itself when and how it wants to.

As we move through life many emotions, experiences, and accidents for example, are held within the body as ‘cell memory’ and that memory affects us today limiting our full potential at the very least and at worst creating many health challenges. Unless this cell memory is resolved the body will begin to express more serious conditions and issues. The body is always working towards health so, with support, the body can reflect on itself and reconnect with its original blueprint resolving cell memories and releasing constrictions and tensions within the body help to move towards greater health.

During a session, the client may sit on a chair or lie comfortably, fully clothed, on a massage table and through very gentle, respectful, safe hand contact at the head, feet, knee, hip, or wherever the body is calling to be held, the practitioner can ‘listen’ to how the client’s body wants to express itself around an issue, whether that is for example trauma, stress or anxiety. The practitioner rests into an expansive listening through the hands and may sense movements, or restrictions within the body.  The practitioner may be drawn for example to make a connection with the nervous system to support whatever issue is there, which may calm and relax the body.  At its own pace the body may reorganise itself, allowing for change to occur at all levels.

After this release of cell memory during the session, the client may feel more relaxed, possibly feel lighter and may have a sense of completion.

Each session is different, and each body is different, so the best way to understand how BCST works is to experience a session or two.  This way you will know whether it is the right therapeutic modality for your needs.  





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